Locksmith hired to break into car

 | Wed 13 Jan 2021 09:58 ICT

A woman reported an attempted theft of her car yesterday from one of the mall car parks.

According to police this woman usually left work and walked to her car at 7pm every night. Last night she finished early and as she approached her car she saw two men standing by it. One man was standing at the back, and when he saw her, ran away. Another man had the car door open and was in the process of dismantling the alarm system.

When she approached, the man claimed to have been a locksmith called to the car by a man who said that he had argued with his girlfriend and she had taken his key. According to the locksmith man asked him to break into his car and to dismantle the alarm. He was also in the process of making a spare key.

Police are investigating whether the locksmith is part of the theft and are also looking for the man who ran off.