Locals urge authorities to handle young gangsters at the Iron Bridge

 | Wed 12 Jun 2019 16:54 ICT

CityNews – Local people have made a complaint against an alleged group of young gangsters gathered at the Iron Bridge who were seen with weapons.

Local people have filed a complaint concerning their safety, against a gang who routinely gathers at the Iron Bridge. They allegedly carry weapons and make loud noises from their motorcycles. The authorities have followed up with the complaints, checked CCTV camera, and found that they usually drink at the bridge and occasionally pick a fight with their enemy gang. Some of the members are reportedly juveniles. Police have promised to investigate and will charge them if they are found violating laws.

Update (June 11th): Police are able to confront the young gangsters, aged between 15 to 17. According to the report, they were having a fight with their enemy gang who are called Pan Lai recently which triggered local people in the neighbourhood to file a complaint. Police decided to give them lenient punishments which were 200 push ups and squat jumps.