Locals Seek Municipality Help with Ou Sai Kham Temple Accommodation

 | Tue 5 Jun 2018 08:44 ICT

CityNews – The local community has reached out to the Chiang Mai Municipality to help act on Ou Sai Kham temple’s tourist accommodation construction.

The case appeared in the news earlier last week after locals made a complaint to Ou Sai Kham temple after after they found that the construction of a four-story building next to a sacred historical house that is over 100 years old began again, despite a cease order from authorities.

Saowakon Sriboonrueng of Rak Chiang Mai Network revealed the report made to police on June 4th and reported that they have contacted Chiang Mai Municipality to help. The temple claims that while the cease order is being appealed, the courts provided a gap where the temple could continue reconstruction. The appeal, however, has been denied according to the municipality.

The network is now asking the municipality to press charges against the temple who are now allegedly violating the order. This accommodation is said to have a negative impact on Chiang Mai the world heritage project according to Saowakon.