Locals Outraged at Tourists Who Camped on Chiang Mai’s Historical Wall

 | Thu 7 Apr 2016 08:23 ICT

CityNews – Two tourists were photographed camping on the historical wall of Chiang Mai, causing the photo to go viral and netizens left outraged, asking why nobody stopped them.

hippy tourists camp on wall

On April 5, Facebook used SK Ylinevert posted a photo of two tourists who had set up a tent on the wall near Ku Hueang Corner.

The post soon went viral, with many people commenting on how rude and inconsiderate the tourists were, and asking why they ignored the signs found around the city in English, Chinese and Thai warning people to keep off the historical wall.

It is believed the couple pitched their tent at night so not to be spotted.

Some netizens also questioned why they were not spotted by any police and how they were able to spend the entire night camped on the wall.

The man had dreadlocks and was believed to be western, and the female was believed to be of Asian descent.

The tourists left before the police were alerted.

Police have commented on the situation saying they will try and find a solution to stop people disrespecting the historical wall in the future.

hippy tourists camp on wall 2