Local Taxi Mafia Allegedly Threatens Chiang Mai News Journalist

 | Mon 7 Oct 2013 10:57 ICT

CityNews – A journalist working for Thai news site, Chiang Mai News, has said that a man working at the head of a local “illegal” taxi service has threatened to have him beat unconscious by thugs.

The Night Bazaar

It was reported recently on Khaosod that after publishing a story on the Black License Plate taxis that work around the Night Bazaar area, the journalist received threatening phones calls.

It was reported that Manit Khemkham, deputy editor of Chiang Mai News, has already told his story to police, stating that Nirand Panarakworakul, head of the illegal taxi service, said that if Manit did not refrain from writing disparaging stories he would find himself beaten badly by a gang of thugs.

Police have said they are presently working on the case.