Local Songtaews and Taxis Battle Uber and Grab Taxi

 | Fri 3 Mar 2017 08:03 ICT

CityNews – 28th February an Uber was called to the Land Transpiration Office, and again five Ubers were called to a shopping mall on the 1st March, where the drivers were all immediately stopped by authorities and each fined 2,000 baht for illegal practice.

It turns out that this sting operation was organised by the songtaew and taxi cooperatives who had ordered the vehicles, taken the footage, then called authorities to come and fine the drivers.

ขนส่งล่อแท๊กซี่เถือน อูเบอ กับิแกรบ มาให้จับที่ สนง.ขนส่งเชียงใหม่

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Uber and Grab Taxi are not illegal, as accused, but are operating in an unlegislated area, as Thai Land Transportation laws do not address shared rides, which both companies are. Both companies are in talks with the government to amend the laws.

The local coops of songtaew and taxis have launched a campaign, mainly through friendly local media such as Chiang Mai News and CM108, to call Uber and Grab taxi illegal.

However, the thousands of comments on social media, on the large part, are supportive of the shared ride services and CityNews will bring a more in-depth report on the matter to you early next week when we hear back from both Uber and Grab Taxi.

Video Credit by Surapin Khomranats