Local companies help national park in fire prevention efforts

 | Wed 24 Feb 2021 15:59 ICT

Despite the current challenging times in Chiang Mai, a number of companies joined forces to assist Doi Suthep-Pui National Park in clearing a firebreak in their efforts to prevent the spread of wildfires in the current dry season in northern Thailand.

The fire prevention event was coordinated by Thai Eco Solutions, a consultancy that connects people with the natural environment through meaningful corporate social responsibility projects. On the morning of the 20th February 2021, 40 volunteers representing local companies assisted park staff in clearing a forested area close to the Huay Keaw checkpoint.

The morning began with the handover of various tools to help the park staff in their own fire prevention as well as firefighting efforts, this included rakes, brushes and a motorized leaf blower. After the handover and a quick photo shoot the volunteers and park staff walked to the trail and split into two groups with each group working from either end of the chosen trail. Volunteers all ages joined, with young children participating along with everyone else and by the end of the morning a 9m wide gap was cleared on the designated trail.

As proceedings drew to a close, a trailside lunch and refreshments was provided, all served in plant based packaging in the endeavours to reduce the ecological footprint of the event as much as possible.

As has been well documented, forest fires burnt large swathes of forest in the dry season, which not only reduces the air quality but also devastates wildlife populations thus by reducing the amount burnt, or preventing it all together, the hope is that air quality will improve and wildlife can thrive.

Events such as this one also give people a chance to enjoy the countryside and learn a little about the flora and fauna as well as meet new people.

Thai Eco Solutions would like to thank Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, Lanna Language School, Wildside Chiang Mai, Bike Zone Chiang Mai and leaf greener me for their support.

About Thai Eco Solutions

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