Loan sharks threaten and intimidate eight year old

 | Mon 14 Sep 2020 16:49 ICT

A 43 year old woman reported to investigation officers at Hod police station that on September 5th, 2020, two men, later revealed to be named Nipol Laila-aiad and Nirut Kangkhun, aged around 30, had come to their house to chase debts following an illegal loan borrowed by her younger sister, Aun.

On that day, Aun wasn’t at home and her eight year old boy ended up being threatened and intimidated by the two men. The sister who filed the complaint told police that the men had told the boy that if their mother didn’t pay her debt, they would kill her.

The police officers came to meet Aun in Chom Thong district and found out that on August 9th, 2020, Aun had borrowed 10,000 baht from a loan shark for which she was supposed to pay back over 24 days, at a rate of 500 baht per day. She had managed most days, but some days fell short and only managed to pay 200-300 baht. Her total repayment was meant to be 12,000 baht, which is over the legal limit for loan interest rates.

Later, the two men were allegedly arrested by the police and admitted that the interest rate they had asked for was higher than that prescribed by law. Police say that they will consider prosecuting them for intimidating and threatening a minor.