Lecturers demand clarity over imminent arrests of students

 | Mon 26 Oct 2020 16:44 ICT

Earlier today a group of Chiang Mai University lecturers, along with six students, went to the Chiang Mai central police station to request clarity on the arrest warrants recently issued.

According to the lecturers, it has been revealed that seven possible students from the 9th October demonstration at Tha Pae Gate now have arrest warrants out against them, and six were present today at the police station.

However, none have been served their warrants and the police are currently claiming that because of the media and information act, they are not allowed to discuss details nor names of those involved.

The lecturers say that they suspect that it is these six people they bought with them who are facing imminent arrest, but they plead with police for some clarity, saying that it is soon examinations time and the concern is that the lack of information, or a warrant issued, could disrupt their exams.

The lecturers say that all seven students are ready to stand up to defend their actions as they do not believe that their usage of free speech has broken any laws.

With exams looming next week, the police need to state clearly whether these students will be arrested before hand, and if they are, whether they will be allowed bail or not, said the lecturers.