Lantern Vendors See Huge Drop in Sales Following Edict

 | Wed 18 Nov 2015 03:40 ICT

CityNews – Many lantern producers and sellers say that they have been adversely affected after Chiang Mai province and institutes involved set up rules for releasing lanterns in order to prevent dangerous accidents during Loy Krathong or Yee Peng Festival, which will take place between 24 – 26 November.

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According to lantern producers and sellers in Nong Hoi sub-district, which is traditionally a lantern producing are of the city, the order for lanterns has reduced by 70 – 80%, compared to last year’s. Last year lantern producers received orders of at least 200 lanterns per day during the leadup to the festival.

Meanwhile, Chakkrit Saipanyoyai, 36, owner of a lantern store in Nong Hoi sub-district, told CityNews that his sales have reduced by 50%, compared to last years. He says that this is because lanterns, or khom loy are only allowed to be released on the 25th this year, and after 9.30pm, which narrows the window from years past when lanterns would be released for days, if not weeks, leading up to the festival.

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His store used to sell 1,000 – 2,000 lanterns per day, but now he only sells in the hundreds.

He asks the province and anyone involved to reconsider the rules and find more suitable guidelines, in order to provide a chance for lantern entrepreneurs to sell their lanterns during the festival.

He agreed with the edict of releasing lanterns at a certain time of night but disagreed that it should only be allowed to be released on one day of the festival.