Lanna Hospital denies rumours of COVID-19 patients

 | Fri 28 Feb 2020 15:15 ICT

CityNews – 28th February 2020, following rumours and many social media posts about cases of COVID-19 found at Lanna Hospital, the hospital has come out to officially announce that there have been no such cases.

Rumours, according to the hospital, have gone so far as to say that the hospital is telling people to buy up food and necessities in preparation for an immediate epidemic. All of this, say the hospital, is untrue.

Dr. Dusit Srisakul, Director of Lanna Hospital said, “The information being shared in these social media posts and many so-called social media news sources, that Lanna Hospital now has COVID-19 patients is categorically false and is creating panic amongst the public. At this point while we have screened a number of patients with flu-like symptoms, none have been diagnosed with COVID-19.”

“The hospital has put in place all preventative measures in accordance with the Department of Public Health,” he continued.  “Any patient who has recently travelled to at-risk country has been quarantined in a special unit in Building A with their own exit and entrance to access specialty areas in order to contain any potential spread of the disease.”

The director also warned the public that to publish false information online could be considered in violation of the Computer Crimes Act.