Lamphun Slow Travel: TAT’s latest draw

 | Fri 11 Dec 2020 16:52 ICT

Sometime in the 7th century AD Queen Chamadhevi, ruler of Hariphunchai (Lamphun) stepped off her boat through a gate near the banks of the Ping River. That gate is today called Tha Nang (her pier) and locals like to believe that it has been a hustling and bustling market area ever since.

This was the start of the recent Slow Travel media roadshow organised by TAT Lampang in a bid to promote its arts, crafts, culture and history.

Visitors are invited to explore the old city of Lamphun, meandering through its ancient streets from the comfort of a rickshaw, while experiencing the charms of the city. Shopping, eating, chatting and sharing are the main draws as tourists are encouraged to meet locals, get to know them and enjoy various community events in the coming months.

For information on what Lamphun has to offer and news on any upcoming activities and events, check out:

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