Lampang events company pays debt, then launches defamation lawsuit

 | Mon 8 Jun 2020 14:16 ICT

A famous singer from the nineties, Mayuri Panthanam, along with her brother, lodged a complaint at the Hang Dong police station claiming to have been scammed out of money. Mayuri had already posted the incident on social media telling of how she and her brother had performed in Lampang province five months ago but that her brother, on his part is still awaiting payment. However, following her social media post, the company in question said that they may use the computer crimes act to sue her back for defamation. Mayuri defended herself by saying that she had not mentioned the company by name. The representative of the Lampang-based events organising company which allegedly failed to pay the siblings turned up to the police station where they entered into a two hour mediation. The events company agreed, after the meeting, to pay the siblings back in full. However, they also said that because they respected the law they would continue with their defamation suit. The company will pay Mayuri and her brother the outstanding 170,000 baht owed. The defamation suit will continue.