Storms replenish lakes and reservoirs

 | Wed 4 Sep 2019 15:28 ICT

CityNews – Tropical storm Podul is filling up the Doi Tao lake which has been alarmingly dry this year following drought.

Doi Tao lake, which has been under threat of drought in the past several months with a drying puddle of only about 40m in diametres, has filled up following the arrival of tropical storm Podul. According to the Regional Irrigation Office 1, there is now an extra 25 million cubic metres of water added to the lake in the past seven days.

As the lake is the source of Bhumibol Dam, the increase in water levels has escalated water levels at the dam by 38% of the dam’s capacity. The tropical storm has also increased water levels at Mae Ngad dam by 51% of the dam capacity from an average of 30% in the past couple of months.