Kindergarten Proves Innocence After False Claim of Abuse

 | Fri 22 Jun 2018 09:15 ICT

CityNews – On June 21st, pictures caught on a security camera of a kindergarten staff member pulling a 2-year old’s arm was shared on Facebook along with a comment accusing the staff member of abuse. The child’s face was clearly visible in the picture posted, and claims were made that the young child was injured from the incident.

The post mentioned the Kindergarten by name – Pattanachai Kindergarten School, Hang Dong.

Following the claims, the kindergarten revealed the full video taken from the security camera, explaining the situation and using the footage as proof that there was no abuse or violence. They described the scene, saying that the child was invited to join class activities, but decided to have a tantrum, which is when the child’s arm was held.

The kindergarten stated that they have never used violence with the children that they care for.

In a interesting turn of events, the Facebook user who posted the claim was identified as a mother of a different child (not the child in the photo) who brought in her child for a trial class before taking her child home after two hours. Parents of the children that regularlly attend the kindergarten told CityNews that they have never noticed or seen any evidence of violence or abuse.

The kindergarten is planning to open a legal defamation case against the Facebook user.