Kindergarten kids create art with tigers

 | Thu 1 Apr 2021 09:48 ICT

Tiger Kingdom in Mae Rim celebrated its 14th anniversary with a ‘Belonging Together’ event which saw kindergarten children from Wat Meun Kong municipal school co-create art with a Bengal Tiger.

Canvas was moistened and colour pads placed on the floor in a cage by the staff of the Tiger Kingdom before Oliver, the Bengal tiger, was lured into the cage to walk onto the colour pads and leave coloured footprints on the canvas. The canvas was then removed to another area where the kindergarten children added their own handprints to the art work.

The Tiger Kingdom intends to use this new feature to attract school trips post-pandemic and the first works of art will be featured at Art Galerie De Panthera on Moon Muang Road. There will also be an auction in the future for the pieces.