Keep learning through life with CMU’s new School of Lifelong Education

 | Mon 3 Feb 2020 11:33 ICT

CityNews – 3rd February 2020, Dr. Niwet Nanthachit, President of Chiang Mai University, gave a report on the opening of the CMU School of Lifelong Education which aims to change the history of Thai education under the new definition “Because everyone is a learner”.

Chiang Mai University has established the CMU of Lifelong Education which is a project that will develop or enhance skills and competencies, enabling students to keep up with the changing world in multiple dimensions. The project also responds to human resource development and equality of opportunity in society. It is also the implementation of the four year management strategy of Chiang Mai University 2019-2022.

The event also featured keynote lectures from Dr. Suwit Mesintri under the topic “Lifelong learning to upgrade national development to the future” and Suthichai Yun, a senior journalist, who presented, “Riding The Wave of Disruption”. The event also has a booth to introduce the curriculum. There are two main curriculums of study for adult leraners, including being embedded with students and studying the current cirriculm as well as short training courses for competency certifications such as Faculty of Nursing programme, Media, Art and Technology course, Faculty of Agriculture programme, online course. More and more courses will be added in the future. All students will also receive a certificate of competency or cumulative credits to be transferred to a degree programme in the future as well.