Kardashians Grace Phuket with Teensy-Weensy Bikinis, Selfies and an Orphanage Visit

 | Tue 8 Apr 2014 10:06 ICT

CityNews – Foreign newspapers have managed to cover every bit of the Kardashian’s family holiday to Thailand recently, chronicling everything from multiple, daily changes of outfits and all the activities the family has participated in. Photographs of Kim Kardashian in a black bikini a few sizes too small is the latest splash on many British, American and Australian websites and newspapers.

Kim Kardashian running away from a baby elephant…

While the Kardashians have been spending their time at the exclusive Iniala Beach House, (where the cheapest room goes for 65,000 baht a night, and the most expensive goes for 123,000 baht) they have also been partaking in popular tourist activities, such as watching fire-dancers on the beach, and visiting temples in the area. The clan also visited an orphanage, where they had plenty of cameramen follow them to film upcoming segments of their reality show Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian was spotted taking selfies with her phone and a young elephant behind her, but ran away when the creature ‘spooked’ her. The family also kitted up in their finest workout gear, with Kylie Jenner sporting a Bindi on her forehead, to go on a zip-lining tour and a boating adventure. Another evening, two younger members of the family, Kendall and Brody Jenner, released traditional lanterns into the sky. Combined, the whole family have taken thousands of photos during their Thailand trip, all of which can be viewed on their Instagram accounts.