Kampaeng Phet Potato Farmers found M26 Grenade in Field

 | Tue 22 Apr 2014 11:49 ICT

CityNews – On April 21st some Kampheang Phet potato farmers found an active M26 grenade while ploughing a field. The bomb squad was called in shortly after.

Pol.Col. Prawet Srinak, Commander of Kampaeng Phet Police, was informed by Khanu Woralaksaburi Police department about a potential explosive device found in Tambon Wang Chaphlu, Amphur Khanu Woralaksaburi, Kamphaeng Phet. Pol.Col. Prawet sent Kamphaeng Phet Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Unit to recover and destroy the device.

When EOD reached the field they found an M26 grenade (nicknamed ‘ the lemon grenade’ during the Korean War) wrapped in black duct tape. Boontham Ketkeaw, deputy village chief, told reporters that his villagers were ploughing the field with tractors in preparation for new crops when they came across a yellow plastic bottle containing the grenade.

Pol.Sub.Lt Phudit Chuenpirom, Commander of Kamphaeng Phet EOD Unit, evaluated the risk of recovery and found out the M26 grenade was still active. He then detonated it with C4 explosives.