Kachin and other Myanmar ethnic groups protest coup

 | Mon 15 Feb 2021 14:07 ICT

On Saturday a group of around 200 people representing various ethnic groups in Myanmar, primarily the Kachin people, gathered in front of the Myanmar Consulate to protest against the recent coup.

Three representatives of the Kachin people made a strong statement of condemnation of the coup and the violence which has caused.

They demanded that power be returned to the people, that all forces are immediately withdrawn from Kachin State as well as other ethnic-minority areas, that the military drafted constitution be torn up and a new one drawn up and that a new government negotiate with ethnic groups to immediately ensure rights and liberties for all.

In spite of the ban on political gatherings, 30 members of the Chang Pluk police watched on as protesters treaded on photos of the coup leader, General Min Ong Lai.