Jungle Clinic overwhelmed by donations

 | Wed 15 Apr 2020 16:52 ICT

CityNews – 14th April 2020, Isara Sirisayasont, Director of Protected Areas Regional Office 16 Chiang Mai said that the fires which have been raging across the Suthep-Pui mountain ranges the past month and a half have been devastating for wildlife.

The lucky ones who have been rescued are sent to the Jungle Clinic in Hang Dong, where currently 20 animals from eight species are being cared for. They include civet cats, leopard cats, gibbons, yellow-throated martens, Eurasian jays and falcons.

As to the civet cat which was found nearly dead on the road up Doi Suthep last week, he said that while it has lost an eye, it is recovering well. That image of the civet cat, along with the photos a few days later of four civet cat babies discovered near a fire recently which did the social media rounds to the great outrage of many.

He went on to say that whether they are returned to the forest or are taken into care will depend on their condition.

What he has found extraordinary, however, is the amount of donated goods which has come in following the social media posts of the animals. From medicine to food to medical supplies, he says that it is overwhelming for his team to have received so much support. He also said that they had more than enough of everything now and implored people to donate elsewhere where it is more needed.

With all the surplus, he would like to inform the public that they will be distributing them to the other five jungle clinics around the country.

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