Judicial Officers Refuse to Provide Construction Plans to Committee Who Seek Their Demolition

 | Fri 1 Jun 2018 05:57 ICT

CityNews – The committee set up to restore the scar of Doi Suthep have been ignored by Judicial officers after asking for construction plans, in a bid to find a way to demolish the residences without breaking the law.

A meeting was held on May 31st at the City Hall to discuss the next steps in restoring the judicial residences area to the forest. On May 27th, a tree planting activity was carried out with a number of volunteers.

A committee has been set up with three working groups on administration, reforestation and the properties harness.

With the aim to demolish the buildings and properly restore the area to the forest, the committee is now paving the way to tear them down without violating the law. An inquiry has been issued to the Court of Appeal Region 5 asking for the construction drawings but the committee received no response from the judicial office. Teerasak Lubsuwan stated that the inquiry will be filed again this week and along with a plead for cooperation.

When the dispute came to conclusion, an order was given by PM demanding that none of tyhe residences should be lived in. However, there are about 30 households that have apparently been occupied since April.

The committee is concerned that they might not be aware that they have to move out, and has asked the judicial office to help inform those living in the accommodation illegally.

The construction contract will end on June 18th after which the judicial houses and the land will be transferred to the Treasury Department.