Jealous Man Hangs Himself after Argument with Girlfriend

 | Fri 5 Jul 2013 13:24 ICT

CityNews – Uten Lahlee, a male manager of an eyeglasses shop in one of Chiang Mai’s malls, committed suicide July 2nd apparently after he’d argued with his girlfriend.

Hangdong Police were called to the house in Hangdong after they received a call saying that a man had hanged himself.  Police found the man, already dead, hanging from a rolled up curtain in a bedroom.

A police report revealed that the girlfriend of the man, Dao, had been arguing with Uten before he committed suicide. The girl, who worked in the same shop as Uten, told police she had been out with her friends drinking and Uten didn’t like this as he was jealous she would look at other men.

When she arrived home after drinking the couple argued. She left the house to calm down and when she returned her boyfriend had already taken his life. the girl said.

Photo by ASTV Manager Online, and Thai report available here.