Jealous Husband Stabs Wife Three Times Before Fleeing Then Killing Himself

 | Wed 6 Jul 2016 07:58 ICT

CityNews – A man stabbed his wife after a heated argument turned violent following accusations of adultery and jealously. After stabbing his wife, he was overcome with guilt and ran away, finally killing himself before authorities could find him.

dead husband

Around midnight on July 5, rescue teams arrived at the home of the husband and wife in Fang district, where 38-year-old Ying Lungmid was found critically injured from three stab wounds to her chest.

She was rushed to hospital and police were called. Ying was able to tell emergency services what had happened as she was still conscious.

She is currently in hospital receiving emergency medical care but is expected to survive the attack.

46-year-old Chan Manguen, the husband of Ying, was identified as the attacker and police tried to track him down.

By midday, the body of Chan was found in a garden in the neighbourhood. Police believe he committed suicide and have sent his body to the hospital to find the cause of death.