Jack Sparrow leads barber students in traffic police makeover

 | Thu 23 Jul 2020 21:19 ICT

A well-known local barber who dresses up as Captain Jack Sparrow, along with the abbot of Wat Lok Molee, Phra Kru Phaibuljettiyanuraks, brought along a group of vocational students to the traffic police headquarters this morning.

The vocational students are currently taking hairdressing and barber courses at the temple following Wat Lok Molee’s widely admired initiative to help train people in skills so that they can survive the current economic hardships. Wat Lok Molee has joined forces with Chiang Mai Institute for Skill Development to offer free life skills training classes to the public. This special outing to the traffic police was to offer free haircuts to the police, and practice for the budding barbers and hairdressers.

Phra Kru and team also gave the traffic police an electric shaver and one set of grooming kit to the police as well as giving them a basic hair care training course so that police can attempt to cut each other’s hairs in the future.

Pol. Col. Suppachai Chantra thanked the monk, Captain Jack and the group for the morning activities, the new hair dos and skills and said that it would come in useful for many of them, with many police looking forward to cutting and shaving one another’s hair. He even went on to say that now the traffic police had skills and equipment, perhaps the public may like to come in for a free haircut. He did, however, demure and say that perhaps they needed some practice before the traffic police barber door opens.