It is all about flowers this year

 | Fri 30 Oct 2020 21:26 ICT

Tourists from across Thailand are descending on the kaleidoscopic ‘I Love Flower Farm’ in Mae Rim, checking in and uploading photos to their Instagram accounts.

Muang Kaew sub-district in Mae Rim has a total of 30 flower farms, all have which have opened up to tourism for the first time this year.

TAT and other government bodies are now jumping onto this trend and promoting these farms to potential visitors across Thailand.

“Muang Kaew is one of Chiang Mai’s most important flower growing areas, with 70 licenses issued to flower farmers,” said Chadarat Mekcharoen, a farmer in Mae Rim.

A total of 203 rai are used to grow flowers and 30 of the 70 farmers are now open to tourism which is expected to bring in around 10 million baht to the area in tourism baht.