Internet Café Owner Arrested for Distribution

 | Thu 18 Jun 2015 08:16 ICT

CityNews – Police arrested 26-year-old Watcharee Lungpan, or “Aom,” in Chiang Mai’s Chaiprakarn district for drug possession and distribution on June 17th.


The police seized 4,636 yaba pills and around 18 grams of ice. Along with the drugs, according to the Drugs Act, the police also confiscated a vehice, 12 computers and a bank book with transaction information.

Watcharee was arrested after the arrest of Ekkarong Jaingeon, 29, who was found possessing 2,300 yaba pills and informed police that he acquired the drugs from a Shan woman named “Aom.”

Watcharee or Aom was found at the internet café she ran in a two story commercial building near Sanpatong Hospital.

Watcharee refused to answer the police’s questions initially, but later confessed to the crimes, and admitted that she hid the drugs in a forest behind her store’s parking lot. She also handed over the ice that was in her possession.

Watcharee confessed that she received the drugs from a man named Chai and sold them to Mun or Mon in Lamphun and Ekkarong, who were also arrested.

Watcharee’s husband, Kanti Lungsor, was arrested for drug distribution on January 3rd, 2013.

Police believe that Watcharee might be involved with a drug network being run out of the jail and forced into it by her husband.

The investigation is ongoing.