Injured Eagle Found

 | Mon 4 Nov 2019 17:30 ICT

CityNews – 30th October 2019, staff in Nong Harn administrative office received a report from Napaphat Ngenchan who lived in Nong Harn area that he had found an injured eagle in his compound.  The eagle had a wound on its wing and refused to take food.

When the staff arrived, the eagle was put in a big basket and covered with cloth; it was still frightened and was pecking at anyone who approached it.  Napaphat said that in the morning, his neighbour had told him that there was an eagle hidden in a banana grove and later they found it to be injured and unable to fly.  The eagle had a leg band and is believed to have belonged to someone.

Napaphat and his neighbour also reported to Sansai police station who contacted a vet and will continue to investigate the eagle’s origins.