Injured caddy sues Italian golfer for half a million

 | Tue 14 Jul 2020 15:14 ICT

Pairin Kantawongs, 56, a caddy working in an undisclosed Chiang Mai golf club, reported to police after a 67 year old Italian client whose golf ball hit her in the eye causing her injury in January this year.

According to Pairin, she was standing between 150-200 metres away when the Italian’s ball hit her in the eye socket. She has been negotiating with the Italian since January but neither can agree to a sum. She has therefore come to the police to report this incident, demanding 500,000 baht in compensation.

Pairin told police that her eye socket was cracked, her lens was injured and she has not been able to see properly since the operation, requiring sunglasses while out in the sun.

She said that while it was an accident, it was still the client’s fault and he must take responsibility.

As to the Italian, he has reported to the police but says that caddies must always stand behind the golfer, but Pairin did not do so and went to stand in the fairway, which lead to her accident. He said that he has paid 5,000 baht already towards her medical cost, but insists that half a million is too much.