Infant Dies Due to Dramatic Weather Fluctuations

 | Thu 7 Jan 2016 06:58 ICT

CityNews – At around 3pm on January 6, a three-month old infant was found dead in her family home in Tha Sala.


According to the mother, Wipanee, the father had been playing with the baby and her twin sister at around midday before letting them nap.

At 2.30pm she heard one of her babies crying and when she went to check on them she found one of the girls, identified as Sukanya Chaichana, dead.

She immediately called rescue services but it was too late.

Police found no foul play, and believe her death was caused by an extreme change in weather conditions, being very cold in the morning then rapidly switching to very hot temperatures in the afternoon.

The girl has been taken for autopsy.