Illegal Dental Clinic Selling Fashion Braces Raided

 | Mon 12 Feb 2018 06:57 ICT

CityNews – A dental clinic selling illegal fashion braces was raided and had its equipment seized after police found they were working without a license.

On the afternoon of 10th February, the police along with officers from Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office searched Detainer Clinic, a dental clinic in Chang Phuek after receiving a report that the clinic has been illegally providing denture repairing service and fashionable braces without a license.

The authorities found numerous dental equipment at the scene with Traiphop Nunthaprom, 34, the owner of the clinic who had been reportedly operating for almost five years without a license. He was charged for violating the Dental Profession Act and the Health Facility Act and all dental equipment under his possession was seized.

The Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Officers stated that illegal fashionable braces have high risks of oral infections which can cause severe damage to the mouth.