ICWW Sign Partnership MOU with PIHMS, Bringing Internationally recognized Hotel Management Courses to Chiang Mai

 | Tue 12 Jun 2018 05:32 ICT

CityNews — June 8th 2018 — The International Classrooms Without Walls (ICWW) have signed a partnership and MOU with the Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS), New Zealand, to bring high quality international hotel management courses to Chiang Mai, opening the way for both Thai and International students to pursue a career in management.

The ICWW will act as a gateway for students to educate themselves in English language, through PIHMS’ iPASS system, gaining a New Zealand Language Certificate which is recognized internationally. In addition to that, the ICWW will be joining PIHMS partner schools in Vietnam and Russia by offering courses in International Hotel Management using PIHMS curriculum which then allows students to pathway to the PIHMS Campus in New Zealand.

The New Zealand campus is based in a fully functioning hotel with students living as staff, guests and managers during their studies. The hotel is run by the students themselves who are taught every role and dimension in the hotel from cleaning to cooking, managing rooms, employment, timetables, all the way up to higher management. As an important part of the curriculum students will go to work in real life hotels that have partnered with PIHMS. Students become employees at the hotel, gaining real working experience while earning a real wage for the duration of their employment placement.

98% of students who graduate from PHIMS receive employment within just three months, and all graduates come equipped with one year’s work experience gained throughout their studies. 72% of PIHMS students receive a promotion within one year of graduating and often have rich, exciting lives working in hotels the world over.

The ICWW is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, offering superior training in hospitality, tourism and hotel management education. Those interested may contact ICWW or enroll today and begin their new career through the elective course and English Certificate via the iPASS system.

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