iberry announces its permanent closure

 | Wed 9 Jun 2021 15:43 ICT

The owner of ice-cream shop iberry garden, one of the first check-in destinations in Chiang Mai, which opened in 2006, announced on the business’s Facebook page yesterday that the iconic destination will close its doors for good.

“We are like a cemetery for chairs now,” wrote Udom ‘Note’ Taephanit, the business’s owner who is a well-known comedian in Thailand. “Eighty percent of our customers were foreigners – Korean, Chinese, European – and a further 15% were Thai tourists, with very few locals as regular customers.”

Note went on to explain in his lengthy farewell post that the business had opened and closed many times over the past year or so and that it was simply no longer viable.

“Whether you came for the ice-cream, to take pictures, buy souvenirs, to chill in our hammocks in rest or just to use our bathrooms before heading off elsewhere, we were always happy to serve you. Today, iberry garden will close our cupboards, turn off our stoves, pack our bags and go our own ways. We have only memories remaining and we thank you all for your support over the years.”