Husband and wife arrested for stealing powder milk for baby

 | Mon 14 Dec 2020 14:51 ICT

A 36 year old man and his 24 year old wife, both from Chiang Dao, were arrested on Saturday after being caught stealing 5,000 baht’s worth of powdered milk from Tesco-Lotus Padad.

Police say that the incident occurred on the 4th December, when police were alerted to a theft at the large supermarket.

Following CCTV footage, the police clearly saw the faces and the motorbike of the pair and had been tracking them ever since.

On Saturday police say that they arrested the pair who confessed to the theft. They told police that they had an eight month old infant who they were unable to afford to care for so had sent the baby to live with a grandparent in Saraburi.

They were both struggling to earn a living and couldn’t afford to support their child, so they resorted to stealing the milk.

Police say that they will both be prosecuted for theft.