Hotel staff protest at lack of wages

 | Thu 14 May 2020 14:40 ICT

This morning a group of around 100 hotel employees stood in protest in front of the provincial hall. Led by Mangkorn Sornchai, 50, head of light and sound technician at a hotel in Chiang Mai, the group held signs up asking for fairness as they have not received any salary since February of this year.

Mangkorn told reporters that the reason the group has come together is that only half the staff had had their February wages paid, many of them continuing to go to work in expectation of wages which never came. The hotel, according to him, promised payment in March which it also failed to deliver and now many employees are tapping into their pensions in order to survive. The hotel has announced its closure until the end of July and the staff say that they need to be paid some compensation or they will not survive.
He went on to say that his particular hotel had a management and owner change five years ago and the past two years there have been many problems. He estimates the wages owed to employees to be around 10 million baht.