Hotel drops price to 100 baht per night

 | Thu 7 Oct 2021 16:25 ICT

A Chiang Mai hotel has created a buzz for reducing hotel nights to 100 baht per night.

Sleep CNX Chiang Mai on the Irrigation Canal Road has put up a promotional sign posting that on the 10th of October it will charge only 100 baht per night.

According to a video clip which is going viral, the hotel owner, Warapan Pothiran, 43, says that his hotel had just recently been renovated for the third time when the pandemic hit. He says that he has to use around 100,000 baht per month of his own money to support his ten staff, in spite of hardly any income over the past year and a half.

Normally his hotel costs between 350-500 baht per night, but he is offering this special promotion, which he has just decided to extend to the 12th of October, in hopes of helping the province attract visitors.