Horror Crash Kills 19 People Carried in the back of a Truck

 | Fri 11 Oct 2013 12:36 ICT

CityNews – Nineteen Laotians working as laborers in Thailand were killed in Buririam this week when it was reported the driver of the vehicle that carried them likely fell asleep at the wheel. One of the dead was a pregnant woman.


It was also reported on Khoasod that the dead were thought to be part of a human trafficking ring. None of the people found dead had ID, and so the task of police to identify the bodies was difficult. Police did manage to interview one of the men who told them that they had paid the driver 1,000 baht to get them past police check-points. They had also paid 2,300 baht to an agent to work in Thailand and be provided accommodation.

In total 24 people were being carried in the back of the truck when it hit a tree head on October 7th. Those that didn’t die at the scene or succumb to their injuries later were severely injured it was reported.