Horrid crash as both vehicles faced green lights

 | Mon 20 Jul 2020 13:37 ICT

Chiang Mai Traffic Police have released a clip showing an accident which occurred on Chang Klan Road’s Buarawong Residence intersection as a warning to the public.

This clip can be disturbing to watch.

On Friday 17th July a white car is caught on video turning right at the intersection when a large motorcycle with a rider and passenger is seen hitting it hard on the side, both riders flying over the car.

The bike’s passenger is in critical injury while the driver broke an arm and ripped his stomach lining.

Police say that this intersection is dangerous as both vehicles were facing green lights. However, police say, the car should have slowed down before turning right and the motorbike should not have driven so fast past the intersection. Police warn that while there are some intersections that allow for right turns at the same time as oncoming traffic, it is best to stop and look before crossing.