Homeless Man Found Dead in Cafe Porch

 | Wed 24 Jan 2018 04:46 ICT

CityNews – A homeless man was found dead at a cafe in Sri Phum yesterday morning, believed to have died in his sleep from a mixture of the cold and other health issues.

On January 23, police received a report that a dead body had been found at the front porch of a cafe in Sri Phum. The body was identified only as a local homeless man who often slept in the area.

At around 4am, an employee of the cafe told police that they saw him sleeping, and snoring, so left him there for the night. When staff arrived to open the cafe at 9am however, the man was found dead with blood and lymph around his mouth.

Police believe the man died due to the cold and prevailing health issues that were exacerbated by alcohol consumption.