Homeless Man Allegedly Beaten to Death by Monk

CityNews – A homeless man dies after being beaten by a monk who claims it was self defense.

On March 27th, the body of a man in his late 50s was found at Wat Ku Kham in Wat Gate. The deceased, who is a homeless man, appeared to have several bruises on his face with stains of blood. A 25 year old witness reported that the deceased was drunk and strolling around in the temple when he encountered a monk who punched the deceased before fleeing from the temple by motorcycle. The witness reportedly approached the homeless man who had collapsed to the ground and called for help after trying help the homeless man gain his conscious.

Police were able to track down the suspected monk an hour after the case was reported. He was found near Kawila camp. The monk is identified as Wichian Hongtong, 55, who was travelling from the central region up north and had temporarily stopped at Wat Ku Kham. He stated that he was approached by the homeless who was drunk and appeared to be aggressive so he ended up pushing him away before running from the temple. He added that it was self defense. Police are now investigating the facts.