HM The King and Privy Council Exhibition

 | Mon 27 Apr 2015 09:11 ICT

CityNews – The Governor of Chiang Mai Suriya Prasartbandit officiated over the opening of the book exhibition on HM the King and the privy council.


This exhibition is held in three languages, Chinese, English and Thai and records the works HM the King has done over his long reign. It features the origins of the privy council in the reign of Rama V and follows their roles in shaping Thailand over the years. Each current privy council is also featured, introducing the general public to this high institution.

Works of all 19 members of the privy council are featured and their responsibilities explained. There are also many rare photographs through the years.

This book will be included in major libraries and those of educational institutions throughout the country. The cost of a set of books is 999 baht though separate languages can be bought for 199 baht for Thai, 400 baht for Chinese and 400 baht for English. All proceeds after cost will go to the Ananda Mahidol Founation. If you are interested in visiting this rare exhibition please visit the A Activity Court on the 1st floor of Central Promenada from now until the end of the month.