Hit and Run Driver Reportedly was Not Aware of the Accident

 | Tue 29 Jan 2019 11:18 ICT

CityNews – A hit and run driver claimed he was not aware of the accident he was involved in as he had dozed off.

On the night of January 24th on the ring road in San Phi Suea, a motorcycle was hit by a car causing the 23 year old driver to suffer multiple injuries. The car did not stop to take responsibility following the incident, but was caught on a camera of another driver that followed. The video clip showed that the car was swerving. The driver also signaled to turn right but swayed left and did not make a turn.

Police were able to identify the driver who was summoned to the police station on January 28th. The 44 year old driver whose name was not revealed stated that it was not his intention to flee from the scene. He claimed to be exhausted from work and dozed off during the time of the accident. He reportedly was not aware of the accident until he noticed the scratched on his car and later when police contacted him. The drive also agreed to take responsibility for the accident.