Hit and Run Driver Filmed by Two Students Who Chase Him Down

 | Tue 4 Apr 2017 07:34 ICT

CityNews – A driver that hit a mother and her children who were riding a motorbike and then tried to escape the scene has been heavily criticised online after videos taken by two female students who chased him down the road went viral.

On April 3, two videos were uploaded along with claims that the driver hit a motorbike, injuring three and then fled the scene. The videos begin when the students chase the driver down the road.

When they manage to make the driver stop, he denies hitting anybody, only to have the student walk around and pull a bike licence plate out from the gratings at the front of his pickup. He then proceeds to drive off, escaping the scene for a second time.

Licence plate stuck to the pickup

The two videos can be found here and here.

The mother of the children is currently undergoing x-ray tests to see the injuries, the young boy was only scratched but the young girl suffered broken ribs and is currently in ICU with bleeding on the brain.

Netizens have praised the girls for bravely following the driver and confronting him.

Police have been informed and have told reporters that they are currently in contact with the driver, who they will require to come to the station and issue a statement so they can understand the full story.

Currently unidentified driver