Highway Tunnel Project Causing Major Traffic

 | Thu 20 Aug 2015 08:57 ICT

CityNews – August 20, the construction of the tunnel on the highway no. 1001 or Mae Jo intersection has caused traffic congestion during rush hour, especially between 3pm to 7pm.

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The traffic jam typically begins at San Dek intersection and continues to Kuang Singh intersection.

The contract to build the tunnel at the cross of the highway no. 11 and no. 1001, including the bridge over Ping River was signed on March 19, 2015, and will finish on March 2, 2018. The project aims to reduce traffic congestion on the mentioned roads in the future.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Patcharapon Wongrajit, deputy superintendent of Chiang Mai Regional Police Traffic Centre, for Mae Jo intersection, it used to have five lanes, but now the three main lanes in the middle have been closed for the construction. Only two lanes, on the left and on the right, are available for vehicles. This causes traffic congestion. However, Chiang Mai Regional Police Traffic Centre has set up officials to facilitate residents passing through the roads both in the morning and in the evening. Residents were suggested to avoid the roads, and use the roads at Kuang Singh intersection or San Dek intersection instead.

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The contractor said it would take around three weeks to manage traffic systems in the area – and to set up a roundabout without traffic lights at the junction. This system intended to be in place for around two years until the construction is complete.