Helping Burmese Women with the We Women Foundation

 | Fri 6 Dec 2013 15:02 ICT

CityNews – We Women Foundation is a Chiang Mai-based organization dedicated to empowering women from marginalized communities in Burma by providing professional support and education opportunities. 

To show this to the world, We Women is creating a documentary inside Burma and on the border portraying the many obstacles the women of Burma face and how some have overcome these to access education, develop careers, and most importantly, give back to their communities and become part of the decision-making process in Burma.

This film will explore the development and achievements of a number of women in Burma of distinctly different backgrounds, ethnicities and achievements. Interviews will delve into the challenges these women have faced, those who inspired or motivated them and what they see for the future of Burma. We have stories from a Member of Parliament from Shan Nationalities Democratic Party, a community activist and founder of Colorful Girls, the founder of Aids Myanmar Association and National Network of Sex Workers among others.

To announce the documentary We Women will be running an awareness and fundraising campaign at the beginning of December.

You can watch the trailer for the documentary here.

If you would like to donate to or volunteer with We Women, go to their website or their Facebook page.