Hairdressers Protest Against Opening up Jobs to Foreigners

 | Wed 2 May 2018 09:45 ICT

CityNews – Local hairdressers have filed a petition to the government, opposing the proposed lift on a ban on foreign workers in the hairdressing industry in Thailand, headed by the Hairdressing Association of Chiang Mai.

On May 2nd, around 50 hairdressing entrepreneurs gathered at Damrongtham Centre to file a petition against a new proposal seeking to unlock the hairdressing occupation for foreigners. The proposal was first addressed last year which listed 10 occupations to be removed from the current list of 39 occupations reserved for Thai nationals.

The proposed occupation includes 1. labour work, 2. agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, or fishery, 3. bricklaying, carpentry, 4. shop/outlet attendance, 5. hair cutting, hairdressing or beauty treatment, 6. mattress and quilt blanket making, 7. knife making, 8. shoe making, 9. hat making, 10. Dressmaking.

The head of the Hairdressing Association of Chiang Mai has also asked that local hairdressing businesses provide a list of employees so they may clearly see who is employing foreign workers, although the request is voluntary.