Group Against ‘Scar of Doi Suthep’ to Meet With Court Officials

 | Fri 6 Apr 2018 05:29 ICT

CityNews – A network of people who are working on stopping the judicial residences in the Doi Suthep forest have been invited to meet with Court Region 5 on the 9th April.

On 5th April, Pimsucha Summitwasutthe, secretary of the network of people working on stopping judicial residences in Doi Suthep forest being built, revealed that they have been given a chance to meet with representatives from relevant authorities on April 9th at Kawila camp.

Pimsucha has said she will insist on the group’s plea to cease any further construction and demolish judicial residences in the issue area, and restore the forest. She added that even if the project is technically legal, it is inappropriate for the ecosystem.

She explained that the network is working against the 47 judicial residences only, the campaign does not include other office buildings or the Court Region 5 and its administration.

On 8th April, the network will be organising a merit making event for the forest near the disputed area.