Group of handicapped lottery vendors scammed for 4.2 million

 | Wed 10 Nov 2021 16:23 ICT

A group of around 20 disabled and non-disabled lottery ticket sellers held up signs in protest at the Chiang Mai Police Station after paying 4.2 million baht for a lottery merchant and never receiving their lottery tickets to sell.

Supak Khampheera, a representative of the group says that the group had been buying 85-86 baht lottery tickets from a Tai Yai dealer for over a year with no problems. However, on the 17th of October when she bought 11,000 tickets for 954,000 baht, expecting to receive the lottery by the 20th October, the delivery never arrived. She then asked other people and found out that they too never received their tickets. In total 20 people claim to have lost 4,210,500 baht’s worth of tickets. The husband of the Tai Yai woman has been contacted, but claims to know nothing of this matter.

Once the woman in question was contacted, she told authorities that she had transfer the money in full to the main middleman who did not produce the tickets, but when contacted the middleman said that they never received the money.

She then told authorities that she will take responsibility by paying back 500 baht per month to Supak (a payment scheme which would take over a century and a half to pay off.)

Police say that they will look into this matter urgently as many of the victims now have nothing left and are desperate to have their money returned.