Group of friends take to the streets to donate goods

 | Fri 30 Jul 2021 15:17 ICT

A group of friends have been seen driving across the city delivering food and dried goods to the needy, inspiring other groups to get together to do something similar.

We spent the morning following this group who took food and goods donated from friends and family on a pickup truck and delivered them to communities in need.

“It is easy to help, we just pool our resources and go out to areas where we think people need our help,” said one 39 year old woman. “Wither it is labour camps, the field hospitals, or villages with people living in poverty.”

She went on to say that she saw pictures on social media of the municipality donation drop off point at the Old Stadium and was concerned as to whether it is being managed properly. She therefore thinks that it is better if we all do our little bit on our own.