Grandparents died three days apart

 | Mon 4 Apr 2022 13:54 ICT

A 65 year old woman and her 63 year old husband have died, three days apart, believed to have been so in love they couldn’t live without one another.

The 32 year old son of the couple told CityNews that his parents had been together and in love since they were 14 years old. After half a century together, they died together, he said.

His mother had been ill for three months, finally succumbing on the 31st March. Three days later her husband, who had stopped eating in sorrow, followed. The pair often argued, recalled the son, like a normal couple. But they would always say, prophetically, to each other, “If you want to die, die. I will have to die too because I love you and I can’t live without you.”